Transition planning for your electric bus operation

Seamless planning of the individual transition phases

If you have decided to electrify your bus fleet and a decision has already been made regarding the vehicle technology to be used, we can start planning for the step-by-step transition to electric buses. If you are unsure about the most efficient technology concept (battery bus, fuel cell bus, trolley bus) for your fleet transition, ebusplan offers individually tailored feasibility studies. This results in a technology recommendation for your specific planning.

For the step-by-step transition concept, we define several time phases as well as the sequence of the lines or depots to be electrified. In doing so, we take into account the requirements of your transport company on the one hand (such as the replacement procurement plan) and external framework conditions on the other (such as the Clean Vehicles Directive, or the local clean air plan for inner cities). We conceptualize the necessary conversion and expansion measures for the depots and, if necessary, terminal stations in line with the conversion phases that have been worked out.

Based on this, we determine both the vehicle and infrastructure requirements for each phase of the transition concept. The latter includes, for example, the number of chargers, their charging capacity and their space requirements. Finally, we determine the investment costs for each transition phase and compare the annual costs (TCO) of electric bus operation with the annual savings in emissions in a cost-benefit comparison. In addition, we highlight all current funding opportunities that may be available to your facility.