Funding advice and application for financing your electric bus project

Extensive support in the acquisition of public funding

Receive funding for your new electric buses

The use of electric buses has significantly lower CO2 and NOx emissions than bus operation with diesel vehicles. This greatly benefits people and the environment. That is why the EU, the federal government and the states are promoting the transition to electromobility to an increased extent.

A variety of funding programs provide financial support for both the procurement of the electric buses themselves and the associated infrastructure. These include charging stations for battery buses, hydrogen refueling stations for fuel cell vehicles, grid connections, but also expenditures for new technologies, such as software for depot management with electric buses. The switch to electrically powered vehicles also creates new demands on the workshops of the transport companies. Acquiring the appropriate tools, training employees and setting up rooftop workstations are services for which you can receive public funding.

In addition, the introduction of electric buses requires competent analysis, planning and conception services, most of which require external consulting. The feasibility studies and conversion concepts of ebusplan offer an answer to this and are also eligible for public funding.

From the multitude of different programs on EU, federal or state level, we will find the optimal funding for your electric bus project. In addition, we will be happy to help you with the application for the funding as well as with the project management.