Feasibility Studies

ebusplan offers feasibility studies for bus operators, transport authorities, cities and municipalities. The scope ranges from individual lines to the entire bus network. The studies include the analysis and evaluation of individual bus routes and vehicle schedules to assess the transformation feasibility towards electric vehicles.

First, the energy consumption of the vehicles is determined by dedicated simulation models, analysis of vehicle schedules in terms of possibilities for recharging during operation, and various technical options (type of recharging, battery types, positioning and sizing of charging infrastructure, etc.) compared in technological and economical terms. ebusplan is independent of manufacturers and suppliers.

In addition to the technical feasibility, a specific recommendation for the selection of a particular electrification concept is proposed, the cost of the electrification of the entire network are estimated and the environmental benefits are determined. The studies therefore enable our customers to link the cost with the benefits (including environmental benefits) of an electrification in order to establish an electrification and investment plan. The feasibility study reveals furthermore a detailed action path for the gradual implementation of the concept.