Our services to support your electric bus project

Feasibility Studies

Choosing the right concept and suitable lines

  • Analysis of the electrification potential of your bus line network
  • Assessment of all available electric bus technologies (fuel cell bus, battery bus, diesel hybrid bus, trolleybus) for your bus route network incl. cost comparison (TCO)
  • Quantification of environmental benefits
  • Planning of the gradual transition to electric buses

Transition Planning

Plan all steps of the electrification of your bus fleet with us

  • Definition of the transition phases for the step-by-step electrification of the bus fleet
  • Fleet planning for the transition period
  • Planning the number of chargers, charging power and space requirements
  • Determining the investment costs for the individual transition phases
  • Identification of funding opportunities

Infrastructure Planning

Optimized charging infrastructure for your new electric buses

  • Planning of infrastructure deployment in the depot and at other charging locations
  • Concepts for the installation and connection of the chargers
  • Determination of the load profile for negotiation with the network operator
  • Analysis of the possibilities of Smart Charging

Preparation and Support of Procurement

Specification preparation and advice on procurement

  • Identification of requirements and recording of the local situation
  • Preparation of specifications for vehicles and infrastructure
  • Advice on the tendering process
  • Evaluation of offers and support in bidder discussions

Funding Advice and Application

Electric bus funding made easy

  • Identification of funding opportunities for the procurement of vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • Editing of funding applications
  • Organizational support of application procedures

Professional Project Support

Active support of the implementation

  • Review of planning bases and cost calculations
  • Presentation of the electric bus strategy to supervisory boards and politicians
  • Facilitation of internal workshops to involve all departments
  • Specialist workshops and seminars on the topics of vehicle, battery technology, infrastructure and software