Our services

to Support your Electric Bus Project

► Analysis of the electrification potential of your bus line network

► Assessment of all available electric bus technologies (fuel cell bus, battery bus, diesel hybrid bus, trolleybus) for your bus route network incl. cost comparison (TCO)

► Quantification of environmental benefits

► Planning of the gradual transition to electric buses

► Definition of the transition phases for the step-by-step electrification of the bus fleet

►Fleet planning for the transition period

► Planning the number of chargers, charging power and space requirements

► Determining the investment costs for the individual transition phases

► Identification of funding opportunities

► Planning of infrastructure deployment in the depot and at other charging locations

► Concepts for the installation and connection of the chargers

► Determination of the load profile for negotiation with the network operator

► Analysis of the possibilities of Smart Charging

Our approach when planning your electric bus project

Further services

Our work is not yet done with the determination of your electrification concept. We are also available to provide you with advice and support in the procurement of vehicles and charging infrastructure as well as in project support.

Support of the Procurement

Specifications and consulting

► Identification of requirements and assessment of the local situation

► Preparation of specifications for vehicles and infrastructure

► Advice on the tendering process

► Evaluation of offers and support in bidder discussions

Funding Advice and Application

Electric bus funding made easy

► Identification of funding opportunities for the procurement of vehicles and charging infrastructure

► Editing of funding applications

► Organizational support of application procedures

Professional Project Support

Active support of the implementation

► Review of planning bases and cost calculations

► Presentation of the electric bus strategy to supervisory boards and politicians

► Facilitation of internal workshops to involve all departments

► Specialist workshops and seminars on the topics of vehicle, battery technology, infrastructure and software