Infrastructure planning to supply your new electric buses

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Philipp Sinhuber

If you have already decided to electrify your bus fleet and if a decision has also been made regarding the vehicle technology to be used, we can take over the actual planning of the necessary infrastructure. If you are unsure about the most efficient technology concept (battery bus, fuel cell bus, trolley bus) for your fleet transition, ebusplan offers individually tailored feasibility studies. These will result in a technology recommendation for your specific planning. In addition, ebusplan can carry out a concrete conversion planning for your fleet, so that the vehicle and infrastructure requirements can be evaluated in time-divided steps.

In the detailed planning for the construction of the required infrastructure for your fleet transition to electric buses, we include both the depot and other possible charging locations (such as terminal stations). The best possible positioning of the charging equipment and coupling technology, such as the mast and hood for vehicles with pantographs, is crucial. In addition, an efficient solution must be found for connecting the chargers to the power grid. A sufficiently dimensioned grid connection must be guaranteed. ebusplan has the possibility to determine the load profile (i.e. the required power from the electricity grid) and to enter into an exchange with the local grid operator about this. In addition, we can investigate the potential for intelligent load and charging management, which ensures a grid-friendly and economical charging process.