Infrastructure for battery buses

ebusplan online seminar in march 2022

Online seminar on charging systems, power supply and depot design

Chargers instead of gas pumps – the use of battery buses requires not only an adaptation of operations, but also the establishment of the appropriate infrastructure. In our online seminar, we will address all topics relevant to the recharging of battery buses; starting with the grid connection, the power supply infrastructure and chargers, and ending with the coupling technology to the vehicle. In doing so, we will address the current standards and recommendations and also shed light on the topic of depot design.

A complete series of online events on electric buses

We at ebusplan have taken the increased use of online-based communication tools since the year 2020 as an opportunity to also make the topics of the electric bus world online accessible, entertainingly and for free. Within the scope of our event series “Elektrobus-Wissen kompakt” our managing directors Mr. Sinhuber and Mr. Rogge therefore regularly inform the interested audience about various industry-specific topics. In this way, the viewers have already been able to enjoy expert presentations on the European Clean Vehicles Directive, electric bus funding, battery and fuel cell technology, and much more.

Due to the very positive experience, we want to continue to provide information on electric bus topics also in the future. The list of upcoming subjects includes, for example, electrification planning with EBS.eplan, current developments in battery technology and the cost-optimized electric bus deployment.

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