Electrification Concepts

ebusplan neither specifies the electric bus system manually for each line nor uses standardized simplified driving profiles. With our software tool Electrification Planner, we are able to simulate the entire operation for a part or for the complete bus network in detail. A preselection of charging station locations is derived and discussed with the involved institutions (e.g. operational planning, city management, grid operators, and component suppliers). During the planning process the Electrification Planner enables us to consider the requirements of the individual stakeholders in detail so that the continuous optimization of the overall system design is highly efficient. This includes the adaptation of vehicle schedules and the analysis of the impact on the power grid. This ensures a transparent basis for the planning and cost-effective, immediately realizable electrification concepts are created.

Our software-based approach speeds up the planning process by automatically optimizing the system design in terms of cost. It can also take into account predetermined worst-case scenarios. This worst-case scenarios can be specified by the customer or suggested by ebusplan. Examples are failure scenarios (e.g. "Nx-security" of the charging infrastructure), high / maximum vehicle occupancy, maximum heating / air conditioning requirements, and with the fading performance of the vehicle batteries.

Our independence from manufacturers and suppliers enables to take an objective customer oriented position.